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SNP Westminster Leader Visits Local Stirling Groups


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Cost of Living Crisis and Brexit Continues to Bite

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith welcomed Stephen Flynn MP last week, to discover more on the cost of living crisis and the disastrous impact of Brexit on Stirling businesses.

As the leader of the SNP Group in the UK Parliament, Mr Flynn has a keen interest in championing the issues that matter most to Scots – and at the top of his agenda at Prime Minister’s questions is the ongoing cost of living crisis affecting households and businesses across Scotland.

In a visit to environmental charity Transition Stirling’s Reuse Hub, Mr Flynn and Mr Smith heard more from volunteers and staff on how their work had been impacted by sky-high energy bills – whilst ongoing poverty has been exacerbated by soaring food prices, rents and mortgage.

Meanwhile, on a visit to United Auctions at the Stirling Agricultural Centre, industry leaders spoke of the impact of increasing input costs on feed, energy and fuel costs, as well as the strains posed by Brexit. Access to the single market and increased paperwork remain top concerns of businesses looking to export to Europe.

SNP Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn said:

‘It was fantastic to meet hard-working organisations here in Stirling alongside Alyn – groups like these are on the front line of our communities across Scotland tackling the cost of living crisis and Stirling is no exception.

‘The team at Transition Stirling are doing phenomenal work, making a tangible difference to the people of Stirling by reducing waste to landfill, as well as nurturing creativity and offering affordable goods at a time of real economic crisis.

‘I was disappointed to hear that they’ll lose out on future support from the European Social Fund as a consequence of Brexit – which 67.7% of Stirling voters rejected in 2016.’

‘And United Auctions is an absolute institution in Scotland’s wider agricultural sector, let alone just Stirling. Rural constituencies and communities rely heavily on healthy and thriving rural businesses – and Scottish agriculture faces the twin challenges of Brexit and the cost-of-living crisis. The UK Government has a lot to answer for on their economic stewardship, and their disastrous Brexit.’

‘I’m proud to be fighting alongside Alyn, and the rest of my SNP colleagues, as we seek to improve the lives of the people of Stirling, and Scotland, and challenge the economic injustices imposed on us by Westminster rule. As ever, it’s clear Scotland’s best future is as an independent member of the European Union.’

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘I was delighted to welcome Stephen to Stirling, and meet with just two of the many fantastic groups we have working hard to develop and improve Stirling. Both Transition Stirling and United Auctions have important roles to play in supporting Stirling through the cost of living crisis, and I’m disappointed to say that Brexit sadly hasn’t helped.

‘Additional red tape on food exports, as well as cutting off Scotland from the single market, has had a devastating economic consequence to farmers and food producers the length and breadth of the country. And the ongoing cost of living crisis means the lingering economic impact of Brexit – a weaker pound, reduced economic resilience, and a smaller market for Scottish goods and businesses – simply means more misery for households and businesses here in Stirling.

‘I want to see Scotland back in the EU as a full partner and ally in tackling the challenges of the day. In the meantime, I’m keen to support local businesses and organisations as they get on with the job of improving Stirling – be that backing and helping rural businesses to grow, or leading from the front in the fight against climate change.’


Attached is a picture of Stephen Flynn MP and Alyn Smith MP with Transition Stirling staff, Community Food Coordinator Morag Sorbie (left) and Reuse Coordinator Donna Wood.

Also attached is a picture of both MPs with United Auctions Managing Director George Purves and Group Director Christopher Sharp.