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Stirling MP Welcomes Scottish Global Diaspora Engagement Plan


Categories: Culture and Tourism, Foreign Affairs, SNP Scottish Government

Framework to Enhance Scotland’s Relationship with Global Scots

Local MP Alyn Smith has welcomed a new strategy aimed at enhancing and deepening ties amongst Scotland’s global diaspora community.

The Scottish Connections Framework seeks to expand links and networks with:

  • Scottish people living elsewhere in the world
  • those with Scottish heritage
  • people who have previously lived in Scotland, including alumni
  • those with a professional, business, cultural or other links to Scotland

The Framework helps to outline commitments to Scotland’s global communities, and recognises the benefits of international collaboration for both Scotland and our diaspora across the world.

A number of existing projects will be expanded, and new ones launched as part of the Framework – including a Scottish Connections Challenge Fund to support initiatives that promote Scotland’s reputation and interests.

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Scotland has a huge diaspora in communities and countries across the world, and I’m delighted to see a targeted and strategic approach to engagement. Many famous Stirling residents have gone out into the world and achieved great things – such as John McLaren, the founder of the world famous Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Further investment and focus on these ties can only serve to strengthen international bonds, as well as promote cultural and economic development.

‘Recent figures point to around 40 million people worldwide who claim some Scottish heritage, but I’m pleased to see the approach as outlined in the Framework goes far beyond familial ties.

‘I’m excited to see what opportunities and talents are unlocked with a more dynamic and holistic approach to worldwide relationships under these plans. In particular, the notion of a recognition award to highlight the achievements of the Scottish diaspora internationally is a real winner. Many groups are already undertaking a power of work in this space, and I look forward to seeing a thousand flowers bloom under this organised approach.’


The Framework can be found here.