Alyn Smith MP: ‘Hospitality Businesses Vital to Local Economy’


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Statistics Show Strength of £302m Sector in Stirling

Local MP Alyn Smith has welcomed fresh insight from industry-body UKHospitality, showcasing the activity and importance of Stirling’s numerous hospitality businesses.

Across the 650 UK Parliamentary constituencies, Stirling continues to lead in key areas, such as overall income, economic value, the number of people employed and number of establishments in our local hospitality sector. Stirling’s vacancy rate remains higher than average, pointing to soaring demand for labour to fill posts.

Overall, the sector had a turnover of £302 million across Stirling, with 1,116 businesses employing 5,585 people. Catering businesses employed the majority of workers, followed by Hotel & Related, Pub & Late-Night and Camping and Caravan.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘These figures simply confirm my first-hand experience – that Stirling’s hospitality businesses are some of the best across these islands, and are deeply valued by our communities and visitors. Not only do these businesses provide jobs, investment and growth, they support our tourism industry, bring our stories and history to life, entice new faces around our tables and show Stirling at our best.

‘I’m extremely proud to represent such a fantastic constituency, and will continue pushing for a 5% VAT rate for hospitality businesses across Stirling, Scotland and indeed the UK. Times are exceedingly tough in the sector, with soaring energy costs, labour shortages and supply impacts from Brexit all set against the backdrop of a cost of living crisis. We should cherish and support this vital sector, who do so much for Scotland’s wider economy and sense of ourselves.’


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A breakdown of the data is below, source:

  • Stirling’s hospitality sector has a turnover of £302,000,000, above the national average of £270,000,000 – ranking us #124.
  • The total economic value of the sector locally is £160,000,000, above the national average of £141,773,734 – ranking us #123
  • Our local hospitality businesses employ 5,585, above the national average of 5,175 – ranking Stirling as #150
  • We have 1,116 hospitality establishments locally, almost three times the national average of 392 – ranking Stirling #45 across the UK.
  • In 2022, there were on average 111 vacancies per month, below the national average of 278 – placing Stirling #416
  • Stirling’s vacancy rate (the number of jobs available in the sector), was 4.9%, above the national average of 3.9% – ranking Stirling #112

A breakdown of economic impact per business category included:

  • Camping & Caravan had a turnover of £3.73m, an overall economic impact of £2.3m and employed 48 people.
  • Catering had a turnover of £132.29m, an overall economic impact of £73.91m and employed 3.6k people.
  • Hotel & Related had a turnover of £149.27m, an overall economic impact of £75.71m and employed 1.6k people.
  • Pub & Late-Night had a turnover of £16.97m, an overall economic impact of £8.33m and employed 334 people.
  • In total, these businesses had a turnover of £302.26m, an overall economic impact of £160.25m, and employed 5.6k people.