‘Independence in Europe Within Scotland’s Reach’


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SNP Members Hear from Westminster Leader Stephen Flynn MP and Alyn Smith MP

SNP Westminster Group Leader Stephen Flynn MP and Stirling MP Alyn Smith recently led an exciting discussion at the University of Stirling on Scotland’s journey towards independence in Europe, as well as taking questions from SNP members on what’s next for the party and movement following the election of Humza Yousaf as party leader and First Minister of Scotland.

The event, hosted by SNP Council Leader Cllr Ellen Forson, engaged SNP members and supporters in an open and informative dialogue on the key issues facing Scotland today.

Chief amongst questions from the audience was the SNP strategy at tackling the cost of living crisis, as well as advancing the case for Scotland’s independence. The event, part of a series of talks dubbed ‘the Scotland in Europe Roadshow’, was an opportunity for Mr Smith and Mr Flynn to engage with the wider SNP membership and discuss the path forward for the movement and party in coming months.

SNP Westminster Group Leader Stephen Flynn MP said:

‘I was delighted to attend tonight’s event, and meet so many members and supporters from across Stirling and even further afield – it always gives me great pleasure to see us at our best: debating ideas in good faith and discussing next steps together.

‘Independence in Europe is the way we’ll build a better Scotland. I was very glad to join Alyn as we met and talked with members on the issues facing Scots today, and how the constitutional position of Scotland, tied to a declining and broken Westminster, holds back so much of our country’s potential.

‘I’d like to extend a particular thank you to SUSNA, the City of Stirling SNP Branch and Cllr Ellen Forson for helping pull together this fantastic event, and hope to hold several more in the future.’

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘In our new party leader and First Minister Humza Yousaf, we’ve got a figure who has already proven he’ll carry forward the notion of ‘show, not tell.’ I’m excited to see the Scottish Government take the bold policy steps needed to support Scotland’s economy during this cost of living crisis, tackle engrained poverty and inequality, protect the environment and ensure Scotland’s democracy is protected. The people of Stirling, and indeed across Scotland, overwhelmingly rejected Brexit – and yet we were ripped from our European family of nations against over democratic will all the same.

‘There is no easy path to independence, but to convince the Scottish electorate, one vote at a time, of the merits of independence in Europe. Other small, independent countries in Europe far outstrip the UK in many important league tables: in education, life chances, equality, GDP and environmental standards. Scotland has all the right ingredients to truly flourish like our neighbours – but it’ll take the full powers of independence.’