Alyn Smith MP

SNP Member of Parliament for Stirling

SNP Europe and EU Accession Spokesperson

SNP Welcomes Commission Efforts on EU-UK Youth Mobility

European Commission Propose Opening Negotiations with UK on New Agreement The SNP has welcomed the decision of the European Commission to propose opening negotiations on a potential agreement on youth mobility between the UK and …

Alyn Smith MP: ‘Hospitality Businesses Vital to Local Economy’

Statistics Show Strength of £302m Sector in Stirling Local MP Alyn Smith has welcomed fresh insight from industry-body UKHospitality, showcasing the activity and importance of Stirling’s numerous hospitality businesses. Across the 650 UK Parliamentary constituencies, …

Alyn Smith Welcomes Stirling Film Studio

Forthside Development Promises Jobs and Investment Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has welcomed the announcement of a film studio development, to be situated on former Ministry of Defence land in Forthside. The project is a …

Alyn smith mp

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