New UN Security Council members highlight the potential of small independent nations


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The SNP has written to Ireland and Norway’s Foreign Affairs Ministers after the nations took their seat at the UN Security Council last night, celebrating the example of small independent countries playing their part on the world stage.

With both nations having smaller populations than Scotland, the SNP said Scotland would now “look forward to joining [Norway and Ireland] on the world stage as an independent European nation”. 

SNP MP Alyn Smith, who has worked with both Foreign Ministers during his time as an MEP, said the focus on climate change, tackling poverty and promoting peace was inspiration for nations across the world – and a far cry from an insular Brexit Britain under Tory rule.

SNP Shadow Foreign Secretary Alyn Smith MP said:

“These nations taking a seat at the UN Security Council is a shining example of the influence that small independent countries can have on the world stage – and should highlight the potential of what an independent Scotland could be.

“Both Ireland and Norway’s agenda of promoting peace, tackling poverty, strengthening multilateralism, and addressing the threat of climate change should serve as an inspiration across the world as we work together towards a better, brighter future. While the Tories in Westminster set their focus on an insular Brexit Britain, Scotland looks outward.

“With some of the most rigorous and ambitious emissions targets anywhere in the world, as well as mobilising the enormous potential of our natural environment, Scotland has cemented itself as a world leader in tackling climate change. Yet our ambition knows no bounds – we must continue to work with and learn from Norway and Ireland’s examples and wish them great success in their tenures on the Council. 

“Scotland will continue to work closely with both Ireland and Norway and look forward to joining them one day on the world stage as an independent European nation.”