Tory-Trump Trade Deal Threatens Stirling Food Industry


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SNP MP for Stirling, Alyn Smith, has renewed calls for the Tory government to remove the threat of lower food standards in any future trade deal – after a poll found that 83% of Scots are against US-style hormone-fed chicken entering the UK market.  

The latest polling from YouGov has also revealed that 80% of Scots consumers are also against US demands such as imports of chloride washed chicken, 81% are against imports of vegetables grown with EU-banned pesticides and 90% say we shouldn’t remove the labels showing origin of meat products. 

Local products such as Scotch Beef and Lamb are also at risk from cheap, sub-standard imports with the Tories so far refusing to ensure geographically limited produce will be protected in a US trade deal. 

Alyn Smith MP said: 

“It’s absolutely clear that the overwhelming majority of people in Scotland do not want to see chlorine chicken, hormone-injected meat or vegetables riddled in pesticides on our supermarket shelves. 

“The threat to our local food and drink industry, here in the Stirling area, from a Tory-Trump trade deal is growing by the day as the US ramps up its demands to flood the UK market with lower standard imports. 

“Once again Scotland is an afterthought for the Tories, as the interests of Scottish farmers and producers are being sacrificed so Boris Johnson can pander to the demands of Donald Trump. 

“Enough is enough – the UK Tory government needs to enshrine in law that Scotland’s world-class food and drink sector will be protected.” 


YouGov Results – US Trade Deal