Stirling Politicians Welcome Efforts to Repair European Links

Scottish/European Scholarship Programme Plans Local Stirling politicians Alyn Smith MP and Evelyn Tweed MSP have welcomed an announcement from the Scottish Government, that hundreds of EU students will be supported to study in Scotland through a new £2.25 million scholarship programme. The Saltire Scholarship scheme has been designed to help ease the negative impact of … Read more

UN Child Protection, and EU Self-Government Bills Struck Down

Ceiling of Devolution Settlement Reached in Court Ruling Alyn Smith MP and Evelyn Tweed MSP have offered their views on today’s UK Supreme Court judgement, which has ruled landmark Scottish Parliament legislation to protect the rights of children and local government to the highest international standards are not compatible with the devolution settlement. The Scottish … Read more

Parliamentary Newsletter ‘Stirling Matters’, October 2021 (Edition 27)

Evelyn Tweed MSP and Alyn Smith MP have today launched the 27th edition of a regular newsletter titled ‘Stirling Matters’. This newsletter is a handy way of keeping up-to-date with the latest activity from Alyn and Evelyn, as they represent their constituency of Stirling in the House of Commons and Scottish Parliament respectively. You can view … Read more

Covid-19 Boosters and Flu Vaccinations in Massive Scottish Programme

Next Stage in Vaccination Programme Welcomed Alyn Smith MP and Evelyn Tweed MSP have welcomed an announcement from the Scottish Government, regarding the next stage in Scotland’s winter vaccination programme. Invitations for coronavirus (COVID-19) booster injections are now being issued to people aged 70 and over and those aged 16 and over who are at … Read more

Global Scotland: Defence & Foreign Affairs Newsletter – Edition 6

Alyn Smith MP and Stewart McDonald MP have launched the 6th edition of their defence and foreign affairs newsletter titled ‘Global Scotland’. The regular newsletter aims to summarise the work of the SNP in Westminster and further afield, as the party develops and strengthens Scotland’s European and international links. You can sign up to become … Read more