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Local MP Backs ‘Debt Happens’ Campaign


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Scotland’s Citizens Advice Network Ready to Provide Support

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has urged Stirling residents to reach out for support on debt, following a new campaign from the Citizens Advice network across Scotland.

‘Debt Happens’ aims to tackle the stigma and shame surrounding debt, and ensure people know where they can turn to when they need advice and support. Citizens Advice Scotland estimate around 460,000 people in Scotland expect to go into debt, whilst 644,000 expect an increase to their existing debt due to the cost of living crisis.

Advice can change someone’s life, and make a material difference to their debt situation – last year, 1 in 6 service users saw some sort of financial gain, the average value of which was around £4,200. 

As the cost of living crisis continues, Mr Smith has welcomed the campaign as ‘timely and potentially life-saving’:

‘Out of control debt can feel like the end of the world for someone caught up in it, and it’s so important people know help is out there and there is a way out. I warmly welcome this campaign from the Citizens Advice network – Stirling’s Citizens Advice Bureau has always stood at their post, ready to help the people of Stirling, and I truly commend them for it. This fresh campaign really is timely, and potentially lifesaving in these economically turbulent times.

‘As the cost of living crisis continues, it’s important people know where they can turn to for help and guidance. I urge anyone who is struggling with bills, payments, social security payments or otherwise to get in touch with Stirling Council, your local Councillors, your Members of the Scottish Parliament, my office as your MP for Westminster – or indeed, visit We’re here to help the people of Stirling during this cost of living crisis.’’


Alyn Smith MP can be contacted on: or on 01786 471 899

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Contact details for Stirling Council and Councillors can be found here

Stirling’s Citizens Advice Bureau can be contacted here, or on 01786 470239