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Lame Duck PM Continues Tory Melodrama


Categories: UK Government (Westminster)

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Commenting after more than 40% of Tory MPs voted to sack Boris Johnson, in a confidence vote on Monday night, Alyn Smith MP said:

‘I’m heartily sick of this tawdry Tory melodrama, at a time when too many people are suffering from Covid or the economic crisis and patchy recovery from Covid exacerbated by the Brexit we didn’t vote for, this shabby psychodrama makes politics look awful.

We’ve known for a long time the Prime Minister is a busted flush, and last night’s confidence vote proved it.

‘More than 40% of Tory MPs voted to sack Boris Johnson, it’s clear he has lost the backing of his colleagues and the public – he needs to go.

‘There are too many important issues to focus on right now to indulge even more Tory party drama. The cost of living crisis needs to be addressed – and this PM is clearly not up to the job.’