Red Tories Return in Stirling Stitch-Up


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Labour Vote Toxic Tories Back into Office

Stirling Labour have shunned a progressive partnership with local Stirling SNP Councillors, instead joining forces with the Tories to take control of Stirling Council.

In a betrayal of Labour voters, supporters and activists alike, today (Thursday 19th May) saw Stirling Labour Councillors elect Tories to key Council administration roles – including Provost.

Communities and voters across Stirling will be left shocked as a ‘minority Labour administration’ – in reality filled with Tories – will be unlikely to act decisively on the real challenges facing Stirling’s communities, including the cost of living crisis.

Stirling SNP emerged from May’s local election as the largest party with the most seats and votes, returning 8 SNP Councillors to the Tories 7 and Labour’s 6.

Stirling SNP Council Group Leader Scott Farmer said:

‘Voters and supporters will be appalled at this shocking move by Stirling Labour. Despite a track record of working together for our communities, Labour have chosen to shun a progressive partnership with the SNP and have instead pursued a weak and unstable minority administration with backing from the Tories. The SNP have emerged as the largest local party, winning the most seats and overall votes – yet Labour are willing to ignore that reality and message from the electorate.’

‘Voters didn’t expect a vote for Labour was a vote for a Tory Provost, and will be disgusted to see their support for progressive, inclusive policies instead used as collateral in a grubby deal with the Tories.’

‘How will Stirling Labour ever explain themselves on the doorsteps again? How can they defend Partygate, Tory corruption, the behaviour of Douglas Ross – or the sheer incompetence of Boris Johnson? The people of Stirling expect stability and delivery in these desperate times – and they’ll see the exact opposite from this Better Together stitch-up.’

Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed said:

‘This is immensely disappointing from Stirling Labour. When I was a local Councillor, there was much common ground to be found between Labour and the SNP, and we were able to deliver effectively for our communities. It’s indefensible for a so-called progressive party to instead put the Tories back in office, when the Tory party has done such harm to the people of Stirling. This is another example of Scottish Labour’s rhetoric trapping them into ridiculous stances – Anas Sarwar has much to answer for on the doorsteps.’

Stirling MP Alyn Smith:

‘I attended the election count, and saw for myself the vast number of Labour voters who gave their second preference to the SNP. Both parties stand for similar progressive policies, and whilst we disagree strongly on independence I feel the 2017 SNP-Labour administration left a positive impact on the people of Stirling. Labour voters and supporters will be rightly aghast. Now more than ever, Stirling needs to see stability and competence from their local government – and this desperate deal will deliver neither. The Red Tories are back, and this is a dark day for those who believe in a progressive, positive and greener vision for Stirling.’