Stirling MP Backs Courier Fraud Awareness Campaign


Categories: Policing and Justice, Safer Communities

Local Residents Asked to Remain Vigilant

MP for Stirling Alyn Smith is asking communities to remain vigilant to a growing type of crime: courier fraud.

Victims report calls from individuals pretending to be police officers, criminal investigators or even the victim’s bank itself. The perpetrators will claim the victim has been the target of a fraud attempt, and try to find out further sensitive information such as bank account numbers or PIN numbers in an effort to steal funds.

Others will insist a large amount of money is withdrawn from the bank account, to keep it safe or as evidence in the phoney investigation – and that a designated courier will be sent to pick up the cash or bank cards with PIN numbers. Neither the bogus caller, nor the cash or cards, are seen again.

Mr Smith is backing calls from Police Scotland and Crimestoppers for households to stay alert to this type of crime, and for family, friends and neighbours to ensure they know the signs to spot if this crime is underway:

  • Are they suddenly receiving more phone calls than usual, and not wanting to be overheard?
  • Do they seem anxious or withdrawn?
  • Are they suddenly more concerned or secretive about their finances than usual?
  • If you have access to their bank accounts, are there unusual unexplained high-value withdrawals or purchases?
  • Are they experiencing sudden money issues out of the blue? 
  • Have you noticed unusual visitors to your vulnerable neighbours?

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Courier fraud is just the latest way crooks are trying to target households for their cash. In 2021, over £15 million was collectively lost to this type of scam – and 60% of victims are typically over 70. I welcome this campaign from Crimestoppers and Police Scotland, in helping raise awareness over crime which really does devastate whoever is targeted. Usually large sums of money are at stake, and in the current cost of living crisis such losses can completely wipe out a household’s savings and ability to cope with rising bills.

‘I urge communities to remain vigilant, and keep aware of the tell-tale signs someone has become a victim of financial fraud. Only by working together can we keep people safe in these tough times, and ensure these criminals fail in their attempts to take advantage of the people of Stirling.’


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