Stirling Leaders Encourage Masks, Jags and Boosters


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Caution Urged on Omicron Covid Variant

Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed and Stirling MP Alyn Smith have called on Stirling residents to remain cautious, as cases of the new Omicron Covid variant increase across the UK.

The Omicron variant, first reported to the World Health Organisation by South Africa on 24 November, has the international scientific community concerned over the number of mutations present in this particular version of the virus. 

Further research is required, but initial worries focus on the potential for increased transmissibility, and the impact the variant may have on the protection offered by vaccinations or antibodies gained from previous Covid-19 infection.

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon held a Covid-19 briefing on 29 November outlining actions the Scottish Government are taking regarding the variant, including encouraging the public to boost their own hygiene efforts and mask compliance over the next few weeks.

The Scottish Government has taken steps to align with the new border restrictions introduced by the UK Government which will require fully vaccinated arrivals to take a PCR test within two days of arrival and to self-isolate until a negative result is received.

The First Minister has also written a letter alongside the First Minister of Wales Mark Drakeford to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, calling for further isolation relating to travel and for financial powers to support future mitigation measures if necessary.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘The Scottish Government response to this concerning development has been measured and appropriate – much is still unknown about the Omicron variant, but remaining cautious until we know more is eminently sensible. We all have a part to play in tackling the virus, through vaccinations and boosters, and following public health guidance. Good hygiene and ventilation can make all the difference to containing the spread of this dreadful disease. I fully understand folks in Stirling and across Scotland are utterly scunnered, but effective measures now can help save lives.’

Evelyn Tweed MSP said:

‘I welcome swift action from the Scottish Government and our public health authorities to contain and mitigate against the Omicron variant. Whilst further research is required as to exactly what these mutations mean in terms of continued health protections, caution at this stage is sensible. If Omicron does turn out to be more transmissible and reduce vaccination protection, then such measures will buy us time. 

‘As ever, I urge members of the public to follow the public health guidance on hand washing, good hygiene, ventilation and mask wearing where required to do so. I also strongly encourage members of the public to get their vaccinations and boosters. Working together, we can help reduce the spread and harm.’


Information on booking vaccination and booster appointments can be found here: