Addiction Support Services Crucial to Local Wellbeing and Recovery


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Pictured: Evelyn Tweed MSP, Norma Howarth and Alyn Smith MP, visiting the ‘Change, Grow, Live premises on Cowane Street, Stirling.

On a recent visit to the ‘Change, Grow, Live’ premises on Cowane Street, Stirling MP Alyn Smith and MSP Evelyn Tweed heard first-hand experiences from support workers regarding drug and alcohol addiction in the community.

Assisting residents from all walks of life, ‘Change, Grow, Live’ are a health and social care charity who specialise in providing assistance to people suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

Their Stirling team have operated throughout the pandemic, supporting vulnerable members of the community to build stability and routine in their lives – and helping them on the path to recovery.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Meeting with frontline workers in any setting will be incredibly revealing, and I’m very grateful to the team at ‘Change, Grow, Live’ for sharing their experiences so honestly. Scottish Government plans to tackle drug deaths in Scotland have been rapidly deployed in the wake of shocking statistics this year, and we must ensure plans are married with action. 

‘Organisations such as CGL have a key role to play as we all work to support vulnerable members of our communities. I’ll continue to lobby the UK Government for sensible reform of drug policy, as it is evident the war on drugs has failed people in Stirling.’

Evelyn Tweed MSP said:

‘Norma and her team were extremely welcoming to Alyn and I, as we discussed the local situation here in Stirling regarding drug and alcohol addiction. Whilst the pandemic has presented fresh challenges from the team, including an increase in the social isolation of clients, Norma and colleagues have continued to deliver an incredibly valuable service to constituents across Stirling. 

‘Now more than ever, it’s crucial for public health authorities to work collaboratively with the third-sector to support our communities and tackle Scotland’s drug death crisis.’

Norma Howarth, Locality Manager said:

Change Grow Live provides a wide range of drug and alcohol treatment services across Scotland and delivers the Forth Valley Substance Use Recovery Service on behalf of local health and social care partners. We welcome the opportunity to highlight the work being carried out to support people in our local communities and to increase understanding of the situation on the ground. 

‘The Covid-19 pandemic has only added to the complexities of getting help to where it’s needed most and it’s important that any additional resources are directed to frontline services where early support and treatment can make a huge impact on someone’s journey to recovery.’