Scottish Budget Delivers for Stirling and Scotland


Categories: Health, Inequality, Local Business, SNP Scottish Government

Stirling politicians have welcomed the budget announced by Kate Forbes MSP, SNP Finance Secretary for the Scottish Government.

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, and in the aftermath of Brexit, businesses and households across Stirling will benefit from several key initiatives announced in the draft budget. 

Health funding is set to be in excess of £16 billion; £883 million will be invested in social care; £2.7 billion in education and skills investment; and direct £145.3 million to alcohol and drugs support, with an increase of £50 million specifically targeted at reducing drugs-related deaths – part of a five-year, £250 million commitment.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘This Scottish budget comes at a time like no other, and the need for smart, targeted investment has never been greater. The Finance Secretary has worked diligently to ensure every penny available has been allocated to supporting businesses and communities across Scotland, and to ensure we rebuild a fairer, greener economy in the aftermath of Covid-19.’

Local councillor Evelyn Tweed said:

‘Despite the limited tax and borrowing powers of the Scottish Parliament, the Finance Secretary has proposed a bold budget for Scotland, one that will benefit Stirling’s communities. With record investment in health, education and skills, this budget will help support businesses and households through the continuing pandemic, and enable us all to build back better.’

Bruce Crawford MSP said:

‘This budget comes amidst real economic uncertainty and pain amongst the Stirling community. Covid-19 has hit households and businesses hard, yet this budget will enable an economic recovery with a green agenda at its core; well-paid jobs, more funding for our public services, and key investments in Scotland’s greatest asset: our people.’


Scottish Government Draft Budget: