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Broadband in Stirling

Broadband in Stirling

Thanks to strong public and private sector partnership working, more homes and businesses across Stirling are connecting to superfast broadband. I’m calling on CityFibre and Stirling Council to accelerate and extend connection plans, to ensure communities all over Stirling can benefit from faster internet services.

This letter is making its way to households across the constituency, with information on how we can take this exciting campaign forward.

By local residents showing their support, it’s my hope this demonstration of potential service demand will shape discussions between City Fibre and key public sector partners, and help make this network extension a reality.


How can you help?

Firstly, you’ll need to check what your local coverage is at the moment:

  • Go to
  • Below the main image, enter your postcode into the box and click ‘Check’ (see below) 
  • Select the correct address for your property from the drop down list 
  • If CityFibre service is already available in your area, you’ll be directed to the ISPs (internet service providers) who are offering consumer contracts on our network (currently Vodafone and TalkTalk) 
  • If CityFibre service is not yet available in your area, please fill in your contact details into the required fields and you’ll be informed you as soon as it becomes available