Video from Alyn Smith MP, Stirling Constituency

Stirling Acceptance Speech

Alyn Smith’s acceptance speech after winning 51.1% of the vote share for Stirling in the 2019 General Election.
Returning Officer, I would thank you and your staff, and the police for looking after us so well this evening.
It’s long been held “He who holds Stirling, holds Scotland.
The SNP holds Stirling in the local council, in the national parliament, we won the European elections in this constituency, and now the SNP holds Stirling in the Westminster Parliament as well.
I thank my amazing campaign team, my parents Jane and Eddie, my boyfriend Jordon, the amazing team we have in Stirling SNP, and everyone who voted SNP as well.
I’m aware a lot of people in Stirling loaned us a vote. I’m conscious of that. I ask only to serve, and you can judge me by my deeds.
I’m a unifier. I believe in David Hume’s maxim that the truth emerges from an honest disagreement among friends. That is my approach to politics.
In that spirit, I would pay tribute to my predecessor Stephen Kerr. We may not agree on everything, but we do agree on the importance of public service and democracy. I thank him for his work, and extend my best wishes to his family and to his team.
Politics can be a rough game but it needn’t be. I believe that all of us, working together, can make Stirling – the heart of Scotland – the heart of the discourse about our nation and the challenges ahead.
Thanks very much.

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