Video from Alyn Smith MP, Stirling Constituency

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A collection of videos from Alyn Smith MP in the category 'Campaigning'.

Westminster Fails Scotland
Posted on 21 April 2022
Another day, another complete farce in UK politics. This rotted place simply doesn't deliver for Scotland. Use your vote ...
Fintry Campaigning
Posted on 14 April 2022
Good to be on the doors in Fintry recently with our local SNP candidates Paul Goodwin for Forth & Endrick and ...
Kings Highway
Posted on 7 March 2022
I'm backing the King's Highway Project, a proposed active travel corridor stretching from Drymen to Stirling. It's early ...
Action Needed on Dirty Russian Money in UK
Posted on 24 February 2022
There is no question that PM Johnson’s government has questions to answer on dirty Russian money but it doesn’t stop ...
Speech on Medical Cannabis
Posted on 4 November 2021
Prescriptions of medical cannabis can change the lives of millions of people in chronic pain. Here in Stirling, we have ...
Universal Credit Cut
Posted on 27 September 2021
People in Cowie, Stirling, Scotland and the rest of the UK will be driven into poverty by these Universal Credit cuts. ...
Cuts to Universal Credit
Posted on 15 September 2021
The Tories are pushing ahead with their cut to Universal Credit, despite overwhelming evidence of the poverty, pain and ...
Local Bike Shop Day 2021
Posted on 28 August 2021
It's Local Bike Shop Day, and Stirling has a good story to tell on cycling. Stirling Council and local communities are ...
Stirling City of Culture Bid 2025
Posted on 25 August 2021
Stirling Council, alongside a whole range of community organisations and partners, have put in a bid to become the UK ...
Stirling Acceptance Speech
Posted on 13 December 2019
Alyn Smith's acceptance speech after winning 51.1% of the vote share for Stirling in the 2019 General Election. ...

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