Stirling MP Urges Closer Continental Ties Ahead of Europe Day


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Thursday 9th May ‘Special Day for All Europeans’

Local MP Alyn Smith is calling for closer ties with our European neighbours, ahead of this year’s Europe Day – marking the 74th anniversary of the Schuman declaration which laid the foundations for what is now the European Union

On the 9th of May 1950, in the shadow of the Second World War, French foreign minister Robert Schuman laid out his vision for a different form of political and economic cooperation across Europe. That vision began to take root as the European Coal and Steel Community, eventually growing to the 27-member strong European Union as known today.

The day approaches just as both the UK Conservative Government and Opposition party Labour have rejected a proposal from the EU for an 18-30 youth mobility scheme, aiming to restore rights to live, study and work across the bloc.

Alyn Smith, MP for Stirling and former MEP for Scotland (2004-2019) said:

‘Scotland did not vote for Brexit, and it would be remiss not to mention the real hurt and damage the result caused in UK-EU relations. Ahead of this year’s Europe Day, I hope the UK Government, and indeed Labour, will revise their blanket refusal to engage in good faith proposals on restoring mobility rights across the EU for our young people. 

‘The EU has transformed the lives of millions across the world, including here in my own constituency of Stirling – where Stirling voted 67% to remain in cooperation and partnership with our closest neighbours. I wish everyone here in Stirling, across Scotland and indeed the EU a very happy Europe Day, and hope to see Scotland regain our place in one of the greatest projects for peace and prosperity the world has ever seen.’


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