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Boost in Stirling Active Travel Uptake


Categories: Environment, Travel

Local MP Welcomes Increase in Walking, Wheeling and Cycling

Alyn Smith, MP for Stirling, has warmly welcomed fresh research into the active travel patterns of Stirling residents and visitors. The report from walking, wheeling and cycling charity Sustrans, titled the Walking and Cycling Index, is published every two years in connection with 22 other cities and regions across the UK and Ireland. 

Taken together, the study is the most comprehensive picture of walking and cycling across the country, showing how people travel, the impacts this has on their health, environment and economy, and the changes that can be made to support this growth.

Local Stirling statistics include:

  • 53% now walk or wheel five or more days a week, and 19% cycle at least once a week. 
  • 47% of people would like to walk more and 45% would like to cycle more. Only 11% of people would like to drive more.
  • 41% of all residents think the level of safety for children cycling is good, while 78% say their area is a good place to walk and wheel.
  • The report also includes data on how easy it is to walk, wheel or cycle to locations. For example, 20% of people live within 400m of a GP – the distance which allows most people to walk or wheel there in 10 minutes. 31% live within 125m of a best practice cycle route, making it easier for them to cycle some journeys.
  • Walking, cycling and wheeling contributed £34.9m to the local economy and prevented 118 long-term health conditions.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:
‘These figures from Sustrans serve to underline the great work underway in the active travel realm. Residents and visitors alike deserve decent paths, cycle lanes and roads. Boosting walking, cycling and wheeling connections is a great way to offer viable, green alternatives for folks, looking after the planet as well as our own health. Certainly other European countries and cities offer great examples for us to learn lessons from on what works, and how all travellers in public spaces can enjoy pleasant, efficient and safe journeys.

‘Stirling’s own cycling infrastructure works are coming to a conclusion, and I look forward to seeing them in action!’

The report is available here.