Stirling MP: ‘Westminster Must Fix WASPI Injustice’


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New Report Finds Failings

Alyn Smith, MP for Stirling, has backed calls for WASPI women to receive fair compensation for the loss of income directly caused by Westminster’s decisions to accelerate the raising of the retirement age for women.

The Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI) campaign was founded in 2015 on behalf of women born in the 1950s who were affected by the changes to the State Pension Age. The decision by Westminster to accelerate the timetable for increases in the women’s State Pension Age meant some women lost opportunities to make informed decisions about their finances.

A report by the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman produced last week stated that it “has made a finding of failings by DWP in this case and has ruled that the women affected are owed compensation.” Furthermore, PHSO Chief Executive Rebecca Hilsenrath added that regarding the decision to compensate, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) “Has clearly indicated that it will refuse to comply. This is unacceptable… Parliament now needs to act swiftly, and make sure a compensation scheme is established.”  

As reported by the BBC, WASPI believes that some women should receive £10,000 – a total cost of £36bn for the number of women affected. They estimate that at least 270,000 women affected by the changes have died during its campaign. Addressing the House of Commons earlier today, the Work and Pensions Minister, Mel Stride MP, refused to confirm whether the government will pay compensation.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘The SNP in Westminster has continuously pressed the UK Government to address the injustice faced by WASPI women, who have been struggling for years. As the report by the Ombudsman makes clear, the fault lies with the DWP and successive UK governments.

‘Sadly, this is the latest long-running scandal to emanate from Westminster and the Minister’s reluctance to compensate WASPI women is a poor show.

‘We will continue to press their case in Parliament and encourage that fair compensation be delivered as soon as possible to these women who have suffered Westminster mismanagement.’

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