‘Cheaper Electricity for Stirling’: Alyn Smith Welcomes Move Towards Location-Based Energy Pricing


Categories: Constituency, Energy, UK Government (Westminster)

Proposals Reinforce Scotland as Renewables Powerhouse

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has welcomed proposed reforms to the UK energy market, after long calling for an overhaul aimed at delivering cheaper bills, increasing renewable generation and boosting network efficiency.

UK Government plans to introduce location-based electricity pricing would mean variable pricing based on the geographic location of consumers and renewable energy resources in their area. Under such schemes, consumers near wind or solar generation sites could see the lower generation costs reflected in their bills, helping to reduce domestic cost pressures in this cost of living crisis.

Concerns remain however over capacity in the UK energy grid, as some green energy projects face delays in connections to the national grid and associated infrastructure. Mr Smith continues to call on the UK Government to do everything they can to speed up connection times, secure investment and further push the transition to Net Zero.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Whilst the finer details are yet to be released, and the scheme must protect low-income households, overall this is a step in the right direction for the UK energy market. Households in Stirling and Scotland would benefit by way of our geography – closer proximity to renewables generation would mean cheaper electricity. 

‘For far too long, the UK energy market has prevented these cost benefits from being passed to consumers. If sensible proposals are brought forward, and capacity issues are addressed, we could see a green energy revolution. Who wouldn’t want a wind or solar farm near them if it meant slashing their household energy bills?

‘I’ve long campaigned for location-based pricing, even from my time as a Member of the European Parliament. It’s good to see sensible policy brought forward at a time where households and businesses are still struggling with the cost of energy. Communities in Stirling deserve to benefit from natural resources in their area – and if successful, location-based pricing could drive forward a Net Zero future.’