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Alyn Smith Appointed as Honorary Vice-President of European Movement in Scotland


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‘Scotland’s European Aspirations Must Be Heard’

The European Movement in Scotland (EMiS) has appointed Stirling MP Alyn Smith as Honorary Vice-President, marking the latest chapter in the organisation’s long history.

Mr Smith will work alongside President David Martin, a fellow ex-Member of the European Parliament who worked alongside Alyn for many years in Brussels representing Scotland’s interests, and other Executive Committee Members to further the cause for Scotland’s place in Europe.

EMiS works to assert Scotland’s deep-rooted European identity, campaigning for the closest alignment with EU values and policies, whatever the constitutional and political context:

  • We are European – by geography, history, language and culture we are part of Europe. We welcome and support EU citizens who have chosen to be here – we are all Scottish and European. What happens in the EU affects Scotland. EMiS works to help shape the policies that the EU pursues, as well as those that the UK and Scottish governments develop in relation to Europe.  We campaign to ensure Scotland is present in EU thinking.
  • European Union Values – peace, democracy, rule of law, human rights, equality, sustainability and solidarity are enshrined in the EU treaties. These values are relevant to all our lives, in or out of the EU. EMiS champions them.
  • Benefits of Membership, being a member of the European Union is better than any alternative trade and geopolitical option. The full benefit comes through full EU membership, but many advantages are available, meantime, from close alignment. EMiS works to ensure Scotland keeps uppermost in mind the advantages of the closest possible alignment now and the full benefits of future membership. 
  • The EU offers a dynamic vision for our future. The EU is constantly evolving. As Europe works together to deliver the Next Generation EU post-pandemic recovery plan, EMiS offers a forum where we join in the debate – learning and contributing – while we work our way forward to membership.

Honorary EMiS Vice-President Alyn Smith said:

‘It’s a huge honour to take on this role in an organisation so integral to Scotland’s relationship with the European Union. Scotland, and indeed the rest of the UK, are central members of the very European institutions so valued and cherished to this day. We must always remember that European solidarity and cooperation has been forged through the horrors of war, and the enduring struggle of democracy against tyranny and authoritarianism. Despite the calamity of Brexit, our geography has not changed. 

‘Europe, the European Union and all the subsequent organisations of mutual solidarity still exist, and remain important to Scotland’s future safety and success. In these strained political and economic times, it’s down to organisations like EMiS to keep the flame burning for an open, democratic and inclusive Europe.’

David Clarke, Chair of the European Movement in Scotland said:
‘Alyn’s stirring speech in the European Parliament on that dreadful day in 2016 following the EU referendum reaffirmed Scotland’s proud European identity. We’re thrilled to have his support for our movement, showing that when it comes to Europe, Scotland stands united.’