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Local MP Launches Survey on Future of Stirling City Centre


Categories: Constituency, Economics, Infrastructure

Residents, Visitors and Businesses Asked for Views

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has launched a survey on the future of the city centre, asking residents, visitors and businesses for their views on Stirling’s strengths and opportunities for improvement.

No stranger to similar challenges faced by communities and high streets across the country, a thriving Stirling city centre remains at the heart of unlocking economic and social regeneration across the wider constituency. Home to a plethora of businesses, residents, institutions and student accommodation, Mr Smith hopes to garner views from a diverse range of stakeholders on what they want to see from their city centre.

The survey is currently available online at:

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Since I was elected as MP in December 2019, I’ve met with many of Stirling’s key policymakers, institutions, charities, community groups, activists, households, businesses and residents. The vast majority are hugely proud of Stirling as a whole: our innovative businesses, active institutions and folks genuinely trying their best to improve and develop our neighbourhoods, streets and communities.

‘But through all my discussions and my own experience, there is a sense that Stirling could be better, could do more – we’ve yet to reach our full potential. Many feel Stirling has struggled to develop a story for ourselves, and needs a compelling vision and plan for our future.

‘Stirling’s city centre is one of the main engines of our wider local economy. It forms the economic basis for one of Scotland’s eight cities, and is a good place to begin those important conversations on the wider future of the Stirlingshire region.

‘An exercise of self-reflection on the future of our city centre should not and cannot detract from the huge variety of good work already underway to improve things. But I believe I’m not alone in thinking things can and should be better. I’m interested in finding solutions to make daily life easier, as well as doing my part to build a consensus on a long-term vision for Stirling’s success.

‘I encourage every resident, visitor and business owner in Stirling to participate in this survey. Your insights are invaluable, and together we can begin to transform and improve our city centre into a more vibrant, resilient, and welcoming destination that reflects the Stirling we know we can be.’