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Questions Over Botched Christie Clock Restoration


Categories: Constituency, Culture and Tourism, Stirling Council

SNP Politicians Seek Answers to Public Fury

Stirling residents have reacted with fury and horror, after emergency restoration works by Stirling Council to the historic Christie Clock ended in farce – with most of the structure reduced to rubble.

The 117-year old clock, first erected in 1906 as a tribute to Stirling Provost George Christie, was found by Stirling Council last week to be unstable. Attempts on Friday by specialists to safely dismantle the clock went on into the night, sadly leading to widely shared social media footage of the clock’s collapse.

Local residents and community members have reacted with anger over the operation, with many questioning the handling of a beloved heritage monument. Stirling MP Alyn Smith, alongside Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed and Stirling SNP Council Group Leader Scott Farmer have called for a formal investigation into the events leading to the collapse – and for a commitment from Stirling Council to fully restore the clock to its rightful place.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘I have written to Stirling Council Leader Chris Kane, to establish the facts of the matter and ensure residents get the answers and reassurances they deserve. I’m very glad no-one was hurt during this restoration procedure, as it’s very evident from the available footage something went horribly wrong during this operation. I’m very clear in my view, the Council should investigate the events leading up to the destruction of the clock, and commit to its full restoration. Stirling Council has an important responsibility to protect Stirling’s heritage, and they must live up to their duties.’

Evelyn Tweed MSP said:

‘Whilst I appreciate the need for work to be carried out due to concerns with the structural integrity of the Grade C Listed George Christie Memorial Clock at Allan Park, I and many of my constituents are appalled by the apparent lack of care taken by the demolition team. Constituents are rightly very angry at how this was conducted by the Council. As it was carried out at night speaks to a lack of transparency in their processes that is typical of this Labour Tory coalition.

‘I have written to the Council seeking clarity on the timeline of events that led to the demolition, whether consultation was had with the public and Historic Environment Scotland, and how much of the structure was salvaged and if and when it will be reinstated. The clock holds a place in the hearts of many residents and its loss is being sorely felt. The way this demolition was carried out is unacceptable and I look forward to a swift response from the Council to explain their actions and put constituents minds at ease.’