Alyn Smith MP Backs Local School Campaign


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Pupils at St Ninians Support ‘Education in Emergencies’ Campaign

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has backed a campaign from Stirling school pupils, aimed at promoting education internationally – especially in areas of conflict.

The Send My Friend to School: Education in Emergencies campaign has been championed by a coalition of charities and civic groups, and urges the UK Government to do more in the global fight against poverty and threats to educational attainment.

Pupils from across year groups at St Ninians Primary School sent Mr Smith an array of handwritten letters, graphics and materials, urging him to back the campaign and lobby the UK Government for further action. In response, each pupil received a letter back from their local MP, thanking them for taking on board such an important campaign – with Alyn Smith submitting a motion to Parliament for other MPs to also express their solidarity and support.

The motions reads:

‘That this House commends St Ninians Primary School in Stirling for their hard work and dedication in campaigning to improve educational access for children across the world; recognises the efforts of the children who are taking part in the Education in Emergencies campaign by Send My Friend to School, which aims to highlight the estimated 258 million children worldwide who are missing out on school; and backs calls to the Government to prepare, protect, invest and act to support global education through proper funding, exchange programmes, international aid and diplomacy.’

Local MP Alyn Smith said:

‘I’m always impressed by the energy and ideas of Stirling’s young people, and commend pupils at St Ninians Primary School for their initiative and determination to help other young people across the world. Education is a human right, one that sadly many children and young people are unable to exercise in many conflict zones internationally. 

‘This campaign calls on the UK Government to take further steps to aid the estimated 258 million children globally who miss out on school, and I urge Ministers to listen to the pupils of St Ninians, and so many other schools, who are backing this fantastic campaign.’


Attached is a picture of just some of the materials pupils sent to Mr Smith.

The EDM can be found here.