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Aberfoyle Bank Closure Condemned by Local MP


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Further Blow to Rural Services

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has criticised Bank of Scotland, after the banking giant announced the October 2023 closure of its branch in Aberfoyle. The announcement comes at a concerning time for rural services, as several banks, post offices and other vital local amenities face closure across Scotland.

In a briefing document on the closure, Bank of Scotland acknowledged the next closest branch is in Callander – and have admitted it will take customers almost 2 hours to travel there by public transport, despite the 10 mile distance.

The bank will be organising a community banker to support customers, with set hours in the local area, although further details on these arrangements are pending.

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘This is dreadful news, and I’d encourage all customers to vote with their feet and close their accounts – support a bank who values rural service provision.

‘The local impact of the facility closures like this is huge, and we urgently need the UK Government to prioritise banking hubs via the Post Office and encourage a banking network fit for purpose. UK Ministers should use their powers to protect these crucial lifeline services, especially in rural areas. It is especially telling that this decision was taken, despite bank officials themselves acknowledging in their briefing document long travel times to alternative branches.

‘I will communicate further information once I have it, and remain in regular dialogue with banks and the Post Office to make the case for continued rural service provision.’


Further information as provided to Alyn by the Bank of Scotland can be found here.