Alyn Smith MP Joins Conference Panel On Scotland in Europe


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Youth Activists from Seven Countries Join YSI International Conference

Delegates at the inaugural YSI International Conference heard from panellists about the critical importance of Europe to an independent Scotland, as Alyn Smith MP emphasised the bright future ahead as a member of the European Union.

As the SNP’s Europe and EU Accession Spokesperson, Mr Smith took part in a panel discussion on Scotland’s future in Europe alongside Anum Qaisar, MP for Airdrie and Shotts, Edinburgh Councillor Martha Mattos Coelho and Yes for EU activist Morag Williamson – all chaired by YSI International Officer Olaf Stando.

The conference took place in the Edinburgh SNP Rooms from Friday to Sunday, and saw delegates from Denmark, Germany, Wales, Belgium, the Netherlands, Poland and Catalonia join to learn more about Scottish politics, and share their own lessons about youth engagement and activism.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘I’d like to thank Olaf and the YSI for putting together such a fantastic conference, bringing together activists from across Europe. Now more than ever, it’s important for Scotland to demonstrate our European solidarity, and the ‘Our European Future’ programme just goes to show the strength of feeling our young activists have towards a future in the EU.’

‘Independence will be won when we can convince more of our fellow Scots of the merits of a close relationship with Europe. Events like this conference are vitally important for maintaining those crucial external links and alliances, and showcasing Scotland’s pro-European sentiment, policy and ambition to our friends and allies.’

‘As the campaign for our independence continues, our future relationship with Europe will continue to be a central plank of the SNP’s vision. Our young activists really are the future of our party and movement, and this weekend’s activities stand testament to that energy and drive.’


Pictured from right: Alyn Smith MP, Anum Qaisar MP, YSI International Officer Olaf Stando, Edinburgh Councillor Martha Mattos Coelho and Yes for EU activist Morag Williamson