UK Government Urged to Ditch Pension Age Rise


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2.9 Million Scots Overall Potentially Impacted

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has called on the UK Government to scrap proposals to increase the state pension age, which would see people in Stirling forced to work until 68 before receiving their state pension.

Fresh research from the House of Commons Library suggests up to 2.9 million Scots could be affected by the UK government’s proposals to hike the UK’s state pension age from 66 to 67 in 2028 and 68 by 2044.

Mr Smith said Tory plans to force people to work longer, especially while pensioners in Scotland have been routinely short-changed by the UK government, would be a “further betrayal” of older people in Stirling.

Approx 18,791 people across Stirling are currently of state pension age 65 and over (source), around 20.1% of Stirling Council’s total population. 

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Amidst the cost of living crisis, increasing the pension age may seem a tempting policy proposal to save money but as ever with the UK Government – it is economically short-sighted, and aimed at reducing state spending now at the cost of future generations.

‘Older people across Stirling have earned their right to retire, the same as everyone else. It is shameful that many households will have to change their lives and financial plans to accommodate these unpopular pension reforms.

‘Already UK state pensions are some of the lowest in north-west Europe, and the UK has some of the highest levels of pensioners living in poverty. Stirling’s older residents are also suffering from the ongoing cost of living crisis and sky-high energy bills.

‘All of this only highlights why the people of Scotland need the full powers of independence, so older members of our society can live in dignity and comfort and enjoy their retirement.’


Figures on Stirling Council area population:

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