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A Step Forward for Road Safety in Old Plean


Categories: Constituency, Roads and Traffic, Safer Communities, Stirling Council

Council Implements Long-Desired Crossing

Local residents have celebrated the installation of a pedestrian crossing in Old Plean, after a long-fought campaign by the community and elected officials.

The crossing, just outside the entrance to Newlands Court, had been one in a suite of road safety measures lobbied for in a bid to reduce speeding and improve the pedestrian experience.

Community activist Wendy MacAlpine said:

‘Plean Residents have lived with a historic problem regarding the speed and volume of traffic passing close to homes on the A9.  Now we have a crossing in Old Plean the Country Park, Care Home and School can be accessed safely and hopefully traffic will realise this is a residential area and slow down.  We hope in future for more speed reducing measures and possibly a 20 mph limit to bring Old Plean into line with the rest of the village which already has a 20mph limit on the same road with the same traffic.’

Local Councillor Brian Hambly said:

‘I’m very glad to see Stirling Council respond to concerns from the community. Speeding and road safety are top issues to households in Old Plean, and this new crossing will provide some peace of mind to pedestrians and drivers alike. My thanks go to Wendy and others who’ve helped push this campaign along; there’s more to do, but I’m completely behind them.’

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

I’m delighted for the local residents in Old Plean, to see Stirling Council implement the long suggested crossing. I hope this is the beginning of a sustained campaign of public engagement around road safety and speeding in the area, and I’ll remain in close contact with local campaigners and the Council on how other safety measures can be implemented, such as a 20mph limit.’


Pictured is Alyn Smith MP, Councillor Brian Hambly and community activists using the new crossing.