Alyn Smith MP Backs Dunblane Community Safety


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CCTV and Joint Working Required After Vandalism

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has called for Police Scotland and Stirling Council to consider further community safety measures in Dunblane, following the vandalism of a beloved local business.

The Beech Tree Cafe in Dunblane suffered an attack in the evening of Friday 13th January, after 3 perpetrators threw a brick through the glass window of the cafe door – triggering a burglar alarm. The incident highlighted the need for a review of community safety measures in the area, including the potential for enhanced CCTV protection.

In his letter to Stirling Area Commander CI Caroline Logan, Mr Smith highlighted the need for Police Scotland to work closely and collaboratively with community organisations, households and businesses to take a proactive, preventative approach to crime.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘I was deeply shocked to hear about the senseless attack on a beloved Dunblane business, and appreciated talking with staff recently on what exactly had happened. Community safety is something we should all take very seriously, as a sense of security is extremely important to businesses and community members in the Dunblane area.

‘I look forward to hearing back from CI Logan soon, and to explore with Stirling Council and others the possibility of enhanced CCTV or similar measures to provide the assurances sought by the community.’

Beech Tree Cafe owner Trisha Smith said:

‘This attack was completely unexpected and out of character for Dunblane – we’re a tight knit community, and we have been blown away with the heart-warming love and support we’ve received since. I’m glad to see Alyn reach out to Police Scotland and Stirling Council, to look at how we can prevent similar crimes in future. We want our community spaces to continue to be welcoming and vibrant, and a sense of safety is so important to that mission.’


Attached is a letter from Alyn Smith MP to Police Scotland

Image: Alyn Smith MP next to the broken window of the Beech Tree Cafe