Social Security Support Must Rise to Meet Cost of Living Crisis


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PM Sunak Must Honour Inflation-Match Commitment 

Local MP Alyn Smith has backed an open letter from over one hundred organisations, including trade unions, charities, health bodies, businesses and housing associations, calling on the UK Prime Minister to bring forward as soon as possible the promised uprating of social security benefits in line with inflation.

The letter argues that vulnerable members of society cannot wait until next April for further support. Polling suggests 61% of the public are supportive of the increase, and with pressures on food, energy and household budgets increasing weekly, Stirling families require urgent support.

Inflation continues to eat away at purchasing power, as the effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and resultant high energy prices reverberate through the global economy. Due to a decade of austerity and the undermining of public services, the UK economy has been hit particularly hard.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘I’m very happy to throw my support behind this open letter and campaign to hold this Tory Prime Minister accountable for previous commitments. Social security is a lifeline for so many households, especially in these tumultuous economic times. With inflation at record levels, prices are skyrocketing and budgets are strained. Failing to uprate benefits in line with inflation will cause immense social and economic damage – a political choice that will fall squarely at the feet of the Tories. I urge the UK Government to act.’


The open letter can be viewed here and below.