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Stirling Politicians Condemn Unelected Prime Minister


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Third Tory PM in 2022 Has No Mandate

The new UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has no democratic mandate for fresh austerity cuts, say local politicians after the Tories installed their third leader this year.

Stirling representatives Alyn Smith MP and Evelyn Tweed MSP have condemned suggestions that public sector cuts are on the table in efforts to correct the disastrous mini-budget from ex-PM Liz Truss and ex-Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng.

Rishi Sunak MP was confirmed as the leader of the Conservative party, and thus Prime Minister, this week after his predecessor Liz Truss resigned in disgrace following her disastrous mini-budget. She earned the accolade of the UK’s shortest serving Prime Minister, in office for only 44 days.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘The Tories cannot honestly believe it to be democratic to install their third leader this year as Prime Minister – and then expect the public to accept further rounds of brutal austerity to pay for Tories’ economic vandalism. 

‘This is yet another Tory Prime Minister Scotland did not vote for – and we must have our say. It’s clear Scotland deserves so much better than this dysfunctional and frankly dangerous Union. Businesses and households across Stirling face real challenges in this cost of living crisis, with food prices, inflation, energy costs, mortgages and other expenses all soaring. We need the powers of independence to rebuild our economy and communities – and regain our place within the European Union.’

Evelyn Tweed MSP said:

‘Rishi Sunak is quite simply another Prime Minister that Scotland has had thrust upon us with no mandate. At what point do we, as a country say enough is enough and demand better for our future.

‘The complete chaos that has been unleashed upon ordinary working people in Scotland is unacceptable and now, with another unelected Tory Prime Minister at the helm, we are about to see even more austerity and hardship. The Tories would have us believe that the crisis affecting households across the country is inevitable, but this is not the case, it does not have to be this way.

‘Scotland has an alternative, to create the future we want with the values we cherish and always with the Government we vote for – and that’s independence in Europe.’