Calls for Action on Old Plean Road Safety


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Local Resident Fears Over Heavy Traffic and Speeding 

Local politicians are calling for further action in Old Plean, after meeting with residents concerned over road safety.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith and Bannockburn ward Councillor Brian Hambly met with community members by the roadside to see first-hand the tough conditions pedestrians face when trying to navigate the road. The frequency of heavy goods vehicles, speeding, as well as plans for future housing development have left locals fearful for their own safety and the sustainability of traffic management in the area.

In a letter to Stirling Council, Mr Smith has thrown his support behind Councillor Hambly’s campaign for improved road and pedestrian safety.

Councillor Brian Hambly said:

‘Local residents and businesses in Old Plean have been concerned for a number of years about speeding and traffic calming measures – as well as heavy goods vehicles thundering through the village. I want to ensure the whole of Plean is a safe place for families and visitors to walk and move around in. I’m keen to see the proposed pedestrian crossing implemented, and will support the action group when they present their petition to Council on 10th November regarding further speed controls. We have to make sure our streets and roads are fit for the future, particularly with proposed developments.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘I’m fully behind Brian’s campaign for improved road safety in Old Plean. Residents want to walk safely, and we all want to minimise any disruption from nearby traffic. With one eye cast to the future, it’s extremely important that Stirling Council delivers a community road design which can keep people safe, traffic moving smoothly and can cope with future demand. I’ll remain in close contact with Councillor Hambly and others to make sure Old Plean’s concerns are taken seriously and addressed appropriately.’


Image: Alyn Smith MP and Councillor Brian Hambly meeting with local residents