A Stronger Economy with Independence


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Stirling Politicians Welcome New Scottish Government Paper

Alyn Smith MP and Evelyn Tweed MSP have urged Stirling residents and businesses to read the latest Scottish Government policy paper, regarding Scotland’s economic potential with independence.

The third in a series of policy papers, ‘A stronger economy with independence’ sets out opportunities awaiting Scotland, and answers several pertinent questions relating to currency, Scotland re-joining the European Union and building a fairer economy.

Meanwhile the UK Supreme Court case continues, as the Scottish Government seeks legal clarity in legislating for a second independence referendum. A conclusion is expected in six to eight weeks.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘It’s clearer and clearer Scotland cannot afford to remain exposed to the instability of the UK Government. With independence in Europe, we can chart a different path towards a fairer, greener and ultimately more sustainable economy that works for communities across Stirling. The UK Government is actively undermining households and businesses all over Scotland with their haphazard policies and economic approach. I urge Stirling residents to have a read of the paper, and find out more on how Scotland can benefit from independence at: www.gov.scot/newscotland.’

Evelyn Tweed MSP said:

‘What’s clear for all to see is the Tories’ complete lack of competence in managing the UK’s economy. For too long, important policy levers have remained in the hands of Westminster, and for too long these have been misused – with Scotland’s economy suffering as a result. I’m excited to share the frank, honest and open details of this paper, and urge anyone despairing at the fresh round of UK political instability to have a read. Independence is not a miracle cure however it is an opportunity to follow our own path where a better Scotland is possible.’


You can read the paper here