Stirling MP Welcomes Strong Stirling Economy


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Worries Remain Over UK Government Performance

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has welcomed fresh figures from the House of Commons library, showing a decline in the number of Stirling residents claiming unemployment-related social security support.

Data from September 2022 showed there were 1,370 actual claimants in Stirling constituency, which was 2.3% of the population aged 16-64. The equivalent UK claimant rate was 3.7%. There were 265 claimants aged 18-24, which was 2.6% of the population aged 18-24; with the equivalent UK claimant rate at 4.6%.

Since last year, there was an overall decrease of 465, reflecting Stirling’s strong economic performance and recovery from the pandemic.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Today’s figures show good levels of employment across the Stirling area, with residents continuing to find work both locally and in other areas of Scotland. Whilst this is welcome news indeed, businesses still face strong economic headwinds threatening to undermine growth and performance, including soaring energy bills, rising inflation and input costs, as well as continuing market turmoil as a result of poor decisions from the UK Government.

‘I hope the UK Prime Minister and Chancellor take corrective action and listen to the largely negative feedback their recent budget received from voters, businesses and markets – otherwise the economic recovery demonstrated by these figures could stutter. The Scottish Government’s real terms budget alone has decreased by £1.7 billion as a result of record-high inflation on the UK Government’s watch.’’