Energy Firms Drag Heels on Solar Payouts


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Pattern of Slow Payments for PV Generation

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has raised concerns with energy company SSE/OVO, after constituents reached out to complain of poor communication and delays in receiving payments for electricity generated on their domestic solar arrays.

Under green energy arrangements, customers can be paid for the surplus electricity produced by photovoltaic solar panels attached to their properties. However in recent days, worried Stirling residents have revealed SSE, now part of OVO Energy, have taken months to pay out on-time, as previously agreed with customers.

In one case, Meg Mitchell of Thornhill reached out to Mr Smith’s office when SSE contacted her for further information on the current quarter – despite failing to have processed the previous quarter’s payment.

After emailing SSE, Mr Smith was able to ensure the previous quarter’s payment was quickly processed, but the current quarter’s payment remains outstanding.

Ms Mitchell said:

‘As someone who cares about the planet, I think it’s great my solar panels can help generate surplus electricity back into the grid for others to use. I’ve been really shocked by the poor communication and slow payment back of money I’m owed by this energy company. You can bet if it was the other way around, and I owed them money, there would be an almighty fuss and flurry of contact. I hope SSE/OVO do better in future, especially as the cost-of-living crisis means households really will be counting every penny.’

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Whilst I’m glad to have helped in the cases which have been brought to my attention, it shouldn’t take the intervention of an MP for customers to get the money they’re owed. Energy companies are already skating on thin ice, as businesses and households face extraordinary cost of living pressures and energy price increases. Meg and many others in Stirling have been hit with delays and setbacks, and I urge anyone else affected by similar issues to get in touch with my office.’