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Comment on New Tory Prime Minister


Categories: Constituency, UK Government (Westminster)

Liz Truss 4th Tory PM in 6 Years

Commenting on the election of Liz Truss MP as Leader of the UK Conservative Party, and thus the UK’s next Prime Minister, local Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

“Stirling doesn’t need another ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ lightweight PM in London, we need independence to get back into the EU to change how we do things. The Tories will try to spin todays result as a fresh start, but in the real world across Stirling we’ve seen 12 years of the Tories in power in the UK – the cost of living crisis is an accumulation of Westminster’s poor decision-making, toxic political culture and lack of any strategic planning on energy. 

“That pensioners in Doune are so anxious about the coming winter when they can see abundant electricity being generated across the Braes is obscene. In energy rich Scotland we should not be experiencing an energy crisis – it has been signed, sealed and delivered in Westminster.

“I’ve debated across the dispatch box with Liz Truss, she’s been my opposite number for some time, and on a personal level, of course, I congratulate her. If she takes serious action to deal with the problems faced by many across the UK, I’ll work with her. 

“I hope for the sake of constituents and businesses across Stirling she rises to the challenge and uses the fiscal, social security and economic powers hoarded by the UK Government to finally tackle sky-high energy bills, support households and back businesses. But I have my doubts.”