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Scottish Child Payment Helping Reduce Child Poverty


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‘Scottish Social Security Approach Invests in our Communities’

Stirling politicians have hailed the Scottish Child Payment – described by one parent as a ‘lifesaver’ – as new research suggests the scheme is beginning to reduce debt, poverty and financial stress for families and households.

First introduced in Scotland by the SNP in February 2021, and described as ‘an absolute game changer in the fight to end child poverty’ by anti-poverty charities, the new benefit’s impact has been analysed in an interim evaluation by Ipsos Mori.

Originally £10 a week, increased to £20 in April 2022 and set to increase again to £25 per week by the end of the year, ​​the Scottish Child Payment is for parents or carers on low incomes who have a child under 6, paid every 4 weeks by Social Security Scotland. Eligibility is set to be extended to under 16 year-olds by the end of 2022.

The findings of this latest evaluation show:

·  Scottish Child Payment and its eligibility criteria are well understood

·  Scottish Child Payment is taken up 

·  The application is clear and easy

·  Applications are processed in a timely manner

·  Awareness is raised  about other forms of support

·  Clients feel they have been treated with dignity, fairness and respect.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Social security is an investment in communities, helping to combat inequality and poverty. I’m extremely proud to see the Scottish Child Payment helping families across Stirling and Scotland, particularly in these strained economic times. Poverty prevention policies are not only cost-effective, but they uphold the social contract between the state, society and the individual, allowing members of our communities to live with dignity and security. Scotland’s approach stands in stark contrast to the punitive cruelty we’ve come to expect from Westminster, and it’s clear only the powers of independence will unlock Scotland’s full potential.’

Stirling MSP Evelyn Tweed said:

‘This interim report really is welcome news, and vindicates Scotland’s approach to social security. Families are under severe financial stress at the moment, and despite pressures on public finances the SNP Scottish Government are determined to ensure the Scottish Child Payment remains a lifeline for households in need. We’re determined to invest in Scotland’s communities, using Scotland’s limited devolved powers and budgets to protect vulnerable households from the cruelty and incompetence of Westminster’s Tories.’


Interim Scottish Child Payment report