Stirling MP Backs Parliament Recall Over Cost of Living Emergency


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Communities Cannot Wait for New PM in September

Local MP Alyn Smith is calling for the recall of the UK Parliament as the cost of living crisis continues to grow for Stirling households, stating the ‘missing-in-action’ Prime Minister Boris Johnson must come out of hiding and resume Parliamentary proceedings.

Industry groups are predicting the energy price cap to soar to around £3,600 in October, and then £4,200 annually for the first quarter of 202 – only adding further uncertainty and strain to household budgets.

This news comes on top of recession warnings, mounting fuel, food and energy costs, and the Bank of England attempting to tackle soaring inflation by increasing interest rates at an historically fast pace. 

Following Business Secretary Kwasi Karteng’s comments that people will have to wait another several weeks until the new Prime Minister is in place for any further cost-of-living support, Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘There is an economic and social catastrophe unfolding before our eyes – this is not the time for policymakers and decision-takers to be sitting on their hands. Despite his humiliating summer, Boris Johnson remains the Prime Minister and must recall Parliament to begin tackling the rapidly deteriorating situation.

‘Each report is more worrying than the last. We cannot wait another month for the internal Tory leadership drama to conclude. We need to see urgent action now to stabilise the economic situation and provide support to hard-pressed households.

‘This crisis and leadership vacuum is precisely why Scotland needs independence, to never again experience a situation where a Tory Prime Minister escapes accountability and responsibility whilst multiple crises envelop our constituents.’