UK Government ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ on Fuel Costs


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Price of Goods Will Increase Further, Warn Road Hauliers

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has lambasted the UK Government’s handling of soaring fuel costs, as the logistics industry sound the alarm over significant cost pressures.

In a letter to the UK Chancellor, Mr Smith highlights the worrying spike in operational costs for haulage firms, with the Road Haulage Association reporting a 17% rise in the costs of running a single truck in the past year. With profit margins extremely slim at around 2%, firms may have little option but to pass on additional costs through supply chains – with end-consumers paying at the till.

Given the continuing cost of living crisis, amidst high energy and food bills, hard-pressed Stirling households will have little room in their budgets to cope with further price spikes on goods and fuel. Mr Smith has previously called for action on fuel, supporting a cut in fuel duty and the introduction of a fuel duty regulator. 

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Whilst the Tories play musical chairs to replace their busted flush leader with another, my constituents continue to suffer from their economic incompetence. The cost of fuel, food and energy are still far too high: how much more do the Tories expect people to take? October will see energy bills rise even further, and inflation is pushing 10% generally, with some staple food items already having increased five-times that – the people of Stirling need to see action now, not in the autumn when things will have deteriorated further.’


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