Cost of Living Crisis: Public Urged to Check Social Security Entitlements


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Households May Be Eligible for Financial Assistance

Stirling MP Alyn Smith is encouraging households across the Stirling area to check their social security entitlements, following the spiralling cost of living crisis. The Scottish Government is now delivering 12 benefits through Social Security Scotland, the Scottish Welfare Fund, local authorities and the Council Tax Reduction Scheme – all aimed at reducing inequality and helping those struggling during these difficult times.

Constituents in need of support can apply online at, by post or through a local face-to-face appointment, and more information can be found about UK benefits at:

Those wishing to discuss their situation or case can call Social Security Scotland on 0800 182 2222. Further information on how to contact Social Security Scotland can be found at:

Wider advice can be sought from Money Support Scotland and the Money Talk Team

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘I’m very proud to view social security as an investment in our people and community. These are strained economic times, and households all across Stirling are battling soaring inflation, rising energy bills and increasing food costs. I strongly urge anyone concerned about their financial situation to reach out to Social Security Scotland, Citizens Advice Scotland or my office, where you can be directed to find assistance.

‘The UK Government has a lot to answer for: 12 years of benefit cuts and sanctions, as well as grinding austerity and public sector cutbacks, has left communities ill-prepared for economic stress and downturn. Social security has always been about helping people in their time of need, the ultimate expression of a society which cares about its members. But instead the Tories chose to weaponise the whole enterprise, and reduced vulnerable people to financial ruin. I’m glad to see us take a different approach in Scotland.’