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Stirling MP Responds to Boris Johnson Resignation


Categories: UK Government (Westminster)

At the time of this response, Boris Johnson has indicated that he will resign as Conservative Party Leader and intends to stay on as caretaker Prime Minister until the Tories install a new leader.

Alyn Smith MP said:

“This will be welcome news to the vast majority of my constituents in the Stirling area; Boris Johnson has been, without any doubt, the worst Prime Minster in living memory.  He has presided over a government mired in scandal, sleaze, and criminality.  He himself became the first Prime Minister to be prosecuted for a criminal offence whilst in 10 Downing Street.  He has undermined his office and the UK’s standing in the world by his behaviour.

“One of the first acts of his government was to remove Scotland, with the rest of the UK, from the European Union; something the people of Stirling and Scotland rejected at the ballot box time and again, and which has caused severe damage to our country.  Boris Johnson now escapes accountability for his Brexit disaster, while the rest of us who remain at our posts still have to deal with the impact it is having on trade and the cost of living crisis.

“Boris Johnson’s proposal to remain in Downing Street while a successor is found is a dangerous one, however.  He will undoubtedly use the position for ill and must be removed from post as soon as possible.  This is a man who has never been fit for such office, and it’s time for the Tories who put him there to evict him.”