Queen’s Speech Exposes Tory Economic Inaction


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No Action on Cost of Living Crisis and Recession Fears

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has slammed the UK Government’s response to the ongoing cost of living crisis, as latest Bank of England reports point to a possible recession.

The Queen’s Speech, outlining the legislative priorities of the UK Government for the coming year, failed to adequately address the crushing economic uncertainty and struggle faced by millions of households and businesses across Scotland.

With energy, food and fuel bills skyrocketing, charities are warning of catastrophic consequences for physical, mental and social wellbeing as poverty rates soar.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘This was the UK Government’s opportunity to lay out their response to the ongoing cost of living crisis and continuing economic uncertainty. Instead, they’ve made the political choice not to help businesses and households across Stirling through one of the worst living standards collapses within living memory.

‘HM Treasury have macroeconomic policy levers at their disposal; huge swathes of social security powers lie at the fingertips of UK Government ministers – energy policy too. The UK Chancellor must bring forward an emergency budget as soon as possible, as people and industry cannot afford further delay.

‘It’s abundantly clear Scotland could do so much better than what we’re seeing from Westminster. As an independent country in the European Union, we’d be part of a global A-team of 500 million, ready to face the challenges and opportunities of these uncertain times. Instead, Westminster continues to dither, delay and damage our nation’s potential. Only independence can deliver a fairer, greener and more equal Scotland.’