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Stirling MP Slams Tories on Cost of Living Crisis


Categories: Constituency, Inequality, , UK Government (Westminster)

Households Will Suffer Due to Government Incompetence 

Communities across Stirling face crippling energy bills, rising food prices and soaring inflation warns Alyn Smith MP, as the UK Government fails in its duty to protect vulnerable households.

With the energy price cap set to rise on April 1st by 54%, many will face the prospect of having to choose between heating and eating. The UK Chancellor’s Spring Statement last week utterly failed to provide the support urgently needed, and will leave millions of citizens in poverty.

The Office of Budget Responsibility has described the ongoing economic circumstances as the biggest hit to household finances since comparable records began in 1956-57.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Many urged the Chancellor to take swift action to reduce energy bills and uprate benefits, as we face the largest fall in living standards since the 1950s. Charities, advocacy groups and experts lined up to plead with Rishi Sunak for clear action, and instead he responded with more fiscal illusions.

‘Households across Stirling face an unprecedented squeeze on living standards, as the costs of energy, food and services skyrocket. Inflation is rampant, further eroding purchasing power. The UK Government has the macroeconomic powers to ease suffering – yet they’re choosing not to.

‘I stood with the SNP as we called for the uprating of social security payments by at least 6%, the reversal of Universal Credit cuts, energy grants to homes and the cancellation of the National Insurance hike. We’ll continue to urge the UK Government to act, and act now. People can’t afford further delay.’