Age Scotland Report Provides Window Into Older Lives


Categories: Constituency, Coronavirus (COVID-19), Inequality

Stirling MP Welcomes Insight on Pandemic Impact

Alyn Smith MP has welcomed a new report from charity Age Scotland, which lifts the lid on the life experiences of older members of Scotland’s communities. 

The newly published ‘Big Survey 2021’ provides a window into the lives of older people and their experiences through the pandemic. It highlights problems such as loneliness and mental health as being widespread throughout older people in the community.

The survey also looks at the impact lockdowns have had on physical wellbeing, with two thirds of respondents saying that they have been less active and half now worried about the loss of strength and mobility. There are disturbing reports of widespread scams with 87% of respondents saying that they or someone they knew had been targeted.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘The past 18 months have been extremely tough on many sections of our communities – particularly on older people. As we look to rebuild and change ‘business as usual’, it’s important we analyse the issues which have been highlighted by the pandemic, and take steps to implement solutions.

‘Stirling has a great range of services available to help those who are experiencing any of the difficulties highlighted in the report. Our third-sector is bursting with great ideas and initiatives to help combat loneliness and keep people’s mental and physical health up. 

‘The community spirit shown throughout the constituency during the Covid-19 pandemic has been great to see, with organisations such as Town Break Stirling providing welcome social activities and support to residents across Stirling. This report will help inform policy making and debate in the months and years ahead, and can ensure recovery efforts impact all the stakeholder groups who need it.’


Full report can be found here.