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Nation Gripped By Shortages and Price Increases


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Stirling MP Wants to Hear from Locally Affected Businesses

Amidst the continuing economic and industrial disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit, sky-high gas prices have resulted in cascading shortages across multiple UK sectors as energy prices rocket.

Large UK factories specialising in the production of fertiliser have halted processes due to huge increases in wholesale gas prices – a by-product of these industrial processes is CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), and the work stoppage has resulted in a 60% drop in the supply of food-grade CO2 in the UK.

In the past few days, UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng has issued assurances to consumers, as multiple smaller energy providers face bankruptcy due to soaring wholesale energy prices. 

Industry analysts fear a perfect storm this coming winter, as shortages of labour, CO2, and other key materials combine with high energy prices, the Tory cut to Universal Credit, the tax rise through National Insurance and the ending of the furlough scheme.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘Stirling’s businesses cannot afford further disruption as they plan their way through recovery from the pandemic. Many industries and households across the country face huge uncertainty as energy bills spike, leading to production issues and shortages of goods. 

‘This comes on top of a cut to Universal Credit, the rise in National Insurance contributions and the premature end to the furlough scheme – in addition to labour and food shortages we’ve already seen as a result of the pandemic and Brexit.’

‘Stirling, Scotland and the rest of the UK face a bleak winter. I urge the UK Government to get their act together to stabilise the energy sector, reverse the cut to Universal Credit and focus on supporting households and businesses through the coming winter.

‘I’ve reached out to a few already, but I’m keen to find out more about the local situation. Any local businesses in the Stirling area who are experiencing CO2 shortages or economic uncertainty from the energy crisis should get in touch: