Alyn Smith MP Joins Stirling Credit Union


Categories: Banking, Constituency, Inequality, Local Business, Volunteering

Alyn Smith MP pictured with Mac Lindsay of Stirling Credit Union

‘A Community-Driven Approach to Saving and Finance’

Stirling MP Alyn Smith has signed up as a member of Stirling Credit Union, a grassroots organisation located on Spittal Street who specialise in savings and low-interest loans.

As the pandemic has affected household budgets across Stirling, the actions of pay-day loan and credit card companies have left much to be desired. On his visit to the premises, Mr Smith reiterated his view that legislation must be much more robust in policing this area of the financial sector, given the increased likelihood of predatory lending and harm.

Stirling MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Stirling is so lucky to have a thriving third-sector and so many community-orientated organisations such as the Stirling Credit Union. I’ve become a member and opened a savings account because I believe it’s important to promote ethical financial practices; something that’s been in short supply during this pandemic. 

‘Stirling Credit Union also offers advice and guidance to help households better manage their budgets, and are a real asset to the people of Stirling. I’d urge people struggling with their finances to seek support – there are numerous organisations in the area, ready to assist.’