Alyn Smith MP Stands Up For Those on Universal Credit


Categories: Constituency, Inequality, UK Government (Westminster), Universal Credit

Local Stirling MP Alyn Smith has written to the Chancellor of the Exchequer urging the UK Government to reconsider proposed cuts to Universal Credit, which would affect the incomes of over 5 million households nationally and 5975 households in the Stirling constituency.

The proposed cuts will bite just as inflation is predicted to rise, impacting the cost of living and driving more households into poverty and food insecurity. Those affected usually have less than £100 in savings and often have to borrow money to buy food. The proposals will have a profoundly negative effect just as the recovery from this crisis starts. According to the Resolution Foundation the poorest households in the country will see their incomes fall by 5% overnight.

Alyn Smith MP said:

‘The uplift in Universal Credit has been a huge boost to the poorest in society during the pandemic. It succeeded in shielding the incomes of millions from the fall in GDP experienced as public health measures kept people safe. Even before the pandemic there was widespread food insecurity amongst poorer families, and if the UK Government presses ahead with these cuts it will have hugely damaging effects on households in my constituency, and across the country.

‘Driving millions more deeper into poverty is immoral, and economic madness. The UK Government is acting reckless with the living standards and opportunities of the poorest in society. I urge them to reconsider this inept decision.’