Stirling Politicians Urge Responsible Holiday Travel


Categories: Coronavirus (COVID-19), Rural Affairs, Travel

Local Councillor Evelyn Tweed and MP Alyn Smith

Stirling MP Alyn Smith and local Councillor Evelyn Tweed have issued a plea to would-be visitors to tourist hotspots in Stirling, asking them to abide by the Covid-19 pandemic travel restrictions and regulations.

From 2nd April, the regulations will change from ‘Stay-At-Home’ to ‘Stay Local’, retaining the current travel restrictions to within your own local authority area for a period of three weeks.

As seasonal breaks approach and the weather improves, there is considerable anxiety in some of Stirling’s rural communities over the impact large numbers of visitors may have.

Visitors to any tourist hotspots are being urged to comply with travel restrictions and physical distancing measures, and to be considerate of how their trip may impact on local parking, amenities and health.

Local Councillor Evelyn Tweed said:

‘Stirling is a beautiful, welcoming place with some of the best beauty spots in Scotland. In normal times we’d welcome everyone with open arms, but we’re still in the midst of a pandemic. It’s important everyone sticks to the rules, and respects the safety and security of our rural communities. When the time is right, they’ll be more than happy to greet guests from across Scotland and the world.’

Local MP Alyn Smith said:

‘Usually I’d want nothing more than tourists coming from all over to see the beauty Stirling has to offer. But we’re still not at normal quite yet, and our rural communities have expressed concerns in the run-up to the gradual easing of restrictions. From 2nd April you must still remain within your local council area, and ‘Stay Local’. We’re on the right track to better times ahead; let’s not blow it now.’


Scottish Government indicative timetable for the easing of restrictions: